Thursday, September 22, 2016


   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest; The End  Game


Helly so deplorable said...

Before I give Barry much credit, the Republican Congress has really helped him move the ball down the field.

Unknown said...

Ahem. If we are in the throes of a race war by November, that would give the regime reason enough to suspend the elections, Nu?

Better yet, from the Soros/Ayers/Obama perspective, would be a Reichstag moment staged by the regime: E.g., a self-identified "Trump militia" (or "Patriot militia") shows up in a rioting city and mows down a bunch of BLM-types, thereby "necessitating" imposition of gun confiscation, roundups of "patriots", and other martial law measures.

But of course, such a thing could never happen in the USA, and I'm just a cynically delusional and paranoic old man.

Ray said...

Bank on it – A “Reichstag fire moment” is planned with enough scenarios to please everyone.

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