Wednesday, September 28, 2016


cinema à la carte                                 


I think "The Larry Sanders Show," a parody of The Tonight Show, ranks in the upper echelon of  top television comedy shows.  However, back in 1992 I still had a life, the kids were still at home, and we had just one television.  HBO would run each Sanders show just a few times a week.  If you missed them, tough luck, and I missed a bunch. In addition, having cable in 1992 was not a given, so it will be new to many viewers.  Here's a sample. (I've been binge eating them)


BlogDog said...

I thought "Fernwood 2night" was funnier.

Skoonj said...

I saw maybe one or two episodes. I kept waiting for something funny to happen. Since nothing did, I stopped watching.

MAX Redline said...

Nice clip, good find!

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