Friday, September 16, 2016

Jamilah Pie

The people are terrorists and killers

Born Jenise Williams, she converted to Islam. .
Nasheed was taken into police custody on October 20, 2014, in front of the Ferguson, Missouri police dept,... she was in possession of a firearm at the time of her arrest (after having sponsored anti-gun legislation).. After police smelled alcohol, they prompted her to take a breathalyzer, which she refused to do. Nasheed went on record publicly saying "Sometimes you have to break the law"
JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. —A Democratic [duh] state senator from St. Louis refused to stand while her colleagues recited the Pledge of Allegiance in the Missouri Capitol.

Sen. Jamilah Nasheed said she sat while others said the pledge at the start of Wednesday's short session as a form of protest.

She said she acted in solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has refused to stand for the national anthem all season in protest of police brutality and racial oppression in the United States.

Nasheed said she wants to call attention to those issues and isn't "anti-America." Nasheed's protest was met with silence in the chamber, unlike Kaepernick, who has been booed for kneeling during the anthem.
Congratulations Jamilah.  You are today's poster girl for why the nation as a whole is fed up with antics like this, and will likely send  Donald Trump to the White House with the most lopsided victory and mandate in U.S. history.


rickn8or said...

I don't know why she had to do this; she's already famous...

I wonder how she voted on the override of the Governor's veto of Constitutional Carry?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm…"Jamilah Nasheed"…what kind of name is that? Is that an actual Moslem name, or is it one of those made-up ghetto names that tries to sound Moslem, because, after all, it's so very hip to have a name that harkens to the "culture" that sold your ancestors into slavery?

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the National Anthem and the Pledge are at least different things. I vote for mutually exclusive concepts entirely. -Anymouse

Anonymous said...

This is why I'm racist...or is it an Islamaphobe...whatever.

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