Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ma! I've got the crabs!


What a Country..

One day last week my son Hucker and a friend snagged 126 crabs off the pier using string and chicken necks.  126!  That is the most I've ever heard of.  This week he brought my grandchillen over and caught (in about one hour) 3 dozen on Monday, and 2 dozen yesterday.  All this allowed me to make and eat (MoSup won't eat them) a 20 ounce  Crab Imperial that I ate in one sitting.  I owed myself. 


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. And also extremely hungry all of a sudden.

Sir H the Comet

Eat Like Schmidt said...

that is just awesome!

Juice said...

That is just an awesome amount of crabs. Has your family created a dent in the blue crab supply yet? So, I've eaten soft shell crab, stone crab, dungeness, and AK king crab. Dungeness and King are my fav's. How do blues compare to my favorites with regard to sweetness? Anybody.

Anonymous said...

Juice - The differences in flavor are subtle, Dungeness and King may be slightly sweeter but they are all good. The real difference is the way you feel when you are eating them. In Maryland eating crabs is a social event, a family gathering, or a night out for beer and crabs with your friends. There is something about sitting at a crowded newspaper covered table that grows silent except for the whacking of mallets. That and Old Bay.

Juice said...

Thank you Luigi for the explanation of blue crabs as (regional) social event. The sound of many whacking mallets reminds me of a west coast seaside camp ground where, after a day of abalone diving, the tenderizing must be done.

Helly said...

Congratulations, and many more to come.

I have never been able to pull up a crab on a string.

drew458 said...

Crab Imperial? I had a Pig Imperial once - a 1975 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron with the 440 and an 800 Thermoquad. Got about 7mpg when driven gently. Biggest damn barge that ever was, I swear.

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