Monday, September 26, 2016

Reid, Reiner, and other crap

What I See

I was drawn to this "Hewitt Zings Joy Reid" item yesterday, for the obvious reason, but also by the specter of  smug c*skr  Rob Reiner, and peripherally the adjacent panel of ads. Didn't see the text, only the graphics.  See what I mean? Is it just a man thing? And tell me you don't want to slap Reiner like a bitch.




Unknown said...

I didn't even read it yet. But I'll give you this: Just as when you look up "Rock'n'Roll" you see a photo of Chuck Berry, when you look up "smug prick" you see a photo of Rob Reiner. You nailed it, Raja! (Actually, under that same definition there are also photos of Bill Maher and quite a few others.)

Esteve said...

Archie was right, he's a meathead.

Steve in Greensboro said...

German import word for the day: Backpfeifengesicht: face which should be punched.

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