Tuesday, September 20, 2016

... rename Jefferson Davis Highway

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Ellen Tabb decried the task force that recommended the changes to the council, noting that none of the members knew Southern history. She said native Virginians had been vilified at the commission’s meetings as “racists, bigots and murderers.”
Not for the first time I will fall back on Shelby Foote for a response to this cultural hysteria.
Black Confederates


Anonymous said...

Make sure to drop Nikki Haley a thank you note for getting the ball rolling.


Scott said...

Well...half of the population have an intelligence quotient in the bottom 2 quartiles. I am of the opinion that the bulk of them are yankees. Virginia is chock full of yankees and damned yankees, due to it's proximity to Washington D.C.

Anonymous said...

^Scott - chock full of yankees and damned yankees, due to it's proximity to Washington D.C.
I know. I've been bitching about the Clinton cancer spreading as far south as Fredericksburg; now they're showing up here in Richmond. Jefferson Davis Highway runs right through Richmond. That's a hundred miles and a bunch of counties between here and the Alexandria assholes' domain. What gives them the right to change the name all on their own?
They're fucking locusts who've stripped their home fields bare, screwing up schools, traffic, housing, pensions and their economies, and are now bringing their idiotic, emptyhead ideology here, looking to plunder more. They gravitate to university towns and other beautiful places, and make them unfit for sane people to live in.
I detest the smug bastards. I overheard two of them the other day talking about voting for Harpy, and they gave me dirty looks when I mentioned her criminality.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

What will they rename it? The Huey P. Newton Highway perhaps?

Anonymous said...

^Luigi - The Huey P. Newton Highway perhaps?
Alexandria is a pretty tony place. I'm guessing they'd prefer something more like Buraq Insane Uhbama Boulevard, and take great satisfaction in that, because that highway runs right through the heart of Confederate Virginia, even running through the former Confederate capital.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

jlw said...

i bet they'd leave it alone if it was the Jennifer Davis Highway, so call it the J. Davis Highway until this idiocy goes away.

you can store the statue in my yard, too. family lore says that my great great etc uncle, by marriage on my mother's side, is Robert E Lee. (i have my doubts, but i'll store the statue).

save your Confederate money boys, the South shall rise again!

Anonymous said...

Well, they could call it the Harvey Milk Highway, except that
A) They're already naming a battleship after him, and
B) It'd be difficult to mention Harvey Milk and "highway" without the word "Hershey" creeping in.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

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