Tuesday, September 27, 2016



Chris in NC said...

Doesn't matter. Trump had several hanging curveballs to drive out of the park and failed to even swing at them. Simple sentences like "You're the last person who should be talking about cyber security" or "You spent those hours in front of congress because you were incompetent at your job and got 4 people killed" would have won the debate hands down.

He looked like a neutered version of himself. Trying so hard not to be mean when he needed to be at least tough.

Anonymous said...

"Yes, nuclear proliferation is our most pressing problem. Do you remember that your husband negotiated a non-proliferation agreement with North Korea, which they promptly ignored, and now they have nuclear weapons, too? And what makes you think that Iran will honor their end of the agreement you're so proud of, considering that it does NOT allow us to inspect their facilities, as you just claimed?"


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