Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Some comments ...


These comments after the Wikileaks Dump esoterica caught (obviously) my attention.

Especially comments by homo and an atheist Silence Dogood.  He  reminds me of so many ex-Catholic friends and acquaintance's; intelligent and passionate, but who've bought into the the "New Age"  movement's I'm OK, You're Okay alternative to God.  So much easier.  They won't engage with me anymore,  because I'm crazy as fuck religious. 

Silence Dogood
I'm a registered democrat (I'm a homo and an atheist) and I'm so disgusted with my party right now. It used to be so much simpler when I could just hate on the rich 1%ers and the insane evangelicals. Now I have to hold my nose at the stench of the corruption coming from the Democratic Party.[...]

And yes, the Republican "establishment" is undeniably the party of rich, self-righteous old white men as well as the socio-economic gambit of crazy-as-fuck religious people who will throw their money at the Party because "Jesus". [...]


Deplorable Helly said...

I'm a registered democrat (I'm a homo and an atheist) and I'm so ....

The fallacy of Appeal to Authority is never so vulgar as when Democrat partisanship is used to verify ... anything. However, whenever the prose is preloaded with self-reference, the only truthful expression is personal pain. There is no other valid thing to see.

Yesterday for example, 'Obama referred to himself 342 times in a half hour speech supporting Clinton.'

Anonymous said...

The godless little faggot is "disgusted" with his party. Well, who wouldn't be? But if I'm disgusted by his "lifestyle", well, then I'm just "self-righteous" and "crazy-as-fuck religious".

Sometimes I think AIDS was a plague from God that just should've been allowed to run its course.

Caballero Andante

molonlabe28 said...

I agree with you, Rodge, "recovering Catholics" are a real PITA.

But I do pray for them, along with the agnostics, atheists, Burning Man attendees and other pagans.

Juice said...

"because I'm crazy as fuck religious."
Me too Rodger. Not proud of it but neither do I choose to add big fat liar to my list.

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