Friday, September 16, 2016


I found the original of this Thai (not China) road project HERE, and — you know. 


Anonymous said...

They do so have OSHA. Note the pipe clamps instead of vine wrappings on the braces.
All the same, this and a bunch of those other pics made my nuts shrink.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

There are remnants of a similar scaffolding just off Hwy.50 a few miles west of Norwood, Colorado (which is a bit west of Delta) above the Gunnison River. There is an overlook turn out where one can see those scaffold remnants. I am assuming they are still there because it was in the mid 1980s the last time I was through there.

Juice said...

Those are stomach wrenches, man! We were on a trail at Bryce Canyon where a "do not cross" fence was and there were 4-5 college age guys from Germany. Two of them decided to walk the top rail (narrow) like a balance beam all the while yucking it up. If one fell it was certain death. The mom in me immediately prayed for them. I still cringe when thinking about it.

Darrell said...

Scottiebill: You're thinking of the Hanging Flume, which adorns the wall of the Dolores River Canyon in far western Colorado, near Uravan. Hwy 141 runs through the canyon. It is a ways north of Norwood. Oh, and Hwy 50 does not run through Norwood, Hwy 145 does. Hwy 50 terminates at Montrose.

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