Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tim Kaine "God approves of homosexuality."

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Soon after Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine suggested the Catholic Church would change on same-sex marriage, the Bishop of Richmond has said Catholic teaching on marriage is constant.

“More than a year after the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage, and despite recent statements from the campaign trail, the Catholic Church’s 2000-year-old teaching to the truth about what constitutes marriage remains unchanged and resolute,”

Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo of Richmond said Sept. 13. “As Catholics, we believe all humans warrant dignity and deserve love and respect, and unjust discrimination is always wrong,” he said. “Our understanding of marriage, however, is a matter of justice and fidelity to our Creator’s original design.” Bishop DiLorenzo’s statement does not mention Kaine.

The former U.S. Senator is a parishioner at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church in the Diocese of Richmond.  [Full]

[...] While the abortion lobby has showered Kaine with praise, several U.S. Catholic bishops have challenged Kaine’s claim to being a faithful Catholic by citing his open dissent from essential moral teachings of the Church.

In a Facebook post titled “VP Pick, Tim Kaine, a Catholic?” Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence noted that Kaine “has been widely identified as a Roman Catholic” while at the same time “he publicly supports ‘freedom of choice’ for abortion, same-sex marriage, gay adoptions, and the ordination of women as priests.”

“All of these positions are clearly contrary to well-established Catholic teachings; all of them have been opposed by Pope Francis as well,” Tobin wrote, dashing the left’s spurious claim that Kaine is some kind of “Pope Francis Catholic.”

“Senator Kaine has said, ‘My faith is central to everything I do.’ But apparently, and unfortunately, his faith isn’t central to his public, political life,” Bishop Tobin concluded. [FULL]
There is a large gap between recognizing active homosexuality as a forgivable human frailty,  and "God approves of homosexuality."  Bishop Francis X. DiLorenzo of Richmond might also consider  Sen. Kaine's  voting record on abortion. And then excommunicate him.


The Deplorable formerly known as Helly said...

Anybody who pretends to know what Pope Francis' thoughts is just silly. Catholics around here don't like him enough to say so.

Anonymous said...

In a Facebook post titled “VP Pick, Tim Kaine, a Catholic?
Make that "VP Prick, Tim Kaine..."
He's a double dealing, finger in the wind, ambitious prick who will use a ton of weasel words to hide his true beliefs, which are anything far Left, and anything that might advance his career. Beware of him. He's smart, smooth and duplicitous.
After decades of making a big deal about his church attendance, I hope the Richmond Diocese excomms him a week before the election. 'Twould serve him right for all his years of professing his faith to the MSM and would be voters, while doing and believing the opposite of what the church holds sacred.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Anonymous said...

Tim Kaine could be that atheist fudgepacker mentioned earlier. He has that "look".

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