Monday, October 03, 2016

But, can we break free from Google too?


A Union Square Ventures and Y Combinator backed startup called Blockstack, just barely out of stealth mode, has been designing an alternative browser for what could be fairly described as another internet, one powered by the bitcoin blockchain. “They are in it for the long run,” Muneeb Ali, a CTO and Cofounder, said of his investors, during an interview with the Observer at his office. “They actually believe that this is the future.” In other words, even if a different kind of internet undermines past investments, investors still want to be positioned well for the next ones. [FULL]

On this internet, no one would need to log in to websites, because your browser would use its built in public-private key pair to validate you on each site you visited. Online payments would not need a middleman like PayPal, either, because they would be made using the cryptocurrency wallet built into the browser. All of this, by the way, also makes building websites easier, according to Ali and Shea, because developers aren’t responsible for securing your data or your passwords. “You could imagine an app that’s 200 lines of code,” Shea said.
The startup company featured 'Blockstack' is nt the only company involved in developing a new internet using blockchain technology but the enclosed article gives a decent overview of the elements and features involved.
This is relevant for those that are in tune with the recent handoff of ICANN to a global entity. It's gratifying to know that the internet as we know it will be obsolete soon.

Domain registration is turned over to a blockchain (right now, that’s the original bitcoin blockchain), and no private interest needs to be involved. There’s no single point to tell computers where to look to find a site. There’s lots of places, and the more people use it, the more places there will be. If one path to information is shut down, another can found.

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