Tuesday, January 31, 2017

and Science says ...


Richard Dawkins On Stage


I haven't yet listened to all of "Two computer scientists ...," but I have listened to Robert Spitzer's God and Science several times. Since most of the atheists I know seem to be scientifically gifted (I am not), I suspect they'll find more in this than I.  BTW, Fr. Spitzer appears to be blind, but carries on quite well.


Anonymous said...


I find this so very fascinating. Perhaps it's because I am at the age to really want some reassurance of where I going "afterwards" - But, just because I have never had any "absolute proof" of the existence of a "Supreme Force" - An "All Powerful" being - I have never wavered in my faith that one doesn't exist. Why? Simple! How can you disprove something that you do not believe simply because you can't physically and/or mentally see, feel, hear or touch it? To me, that is the ultimate in cynicism and ignorance.

Ron in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio again:

Oh boy! I just read the typo(Or, poor choice of my word) - I meant to say, "I have never wavered in my faith that one DOES exist." Man! Didn't that throw my comment in an entirely different light? SORRY!


Who the heck is Richard Dawkins? As though, by your pic, I really care.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Dicky Dawkins is a professional athiest

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