Friday, January 06, 2017

Chicago Review of Books Editor Says ....

In October 2015, the Breitbart News Network placed Yiannopoulos in charge of its new "Breitbart Tech" section, which he said will "be free speech central—and we'll talk about stuff people really care about: Freedom, free speech, love, sex, death, money and porn." The site has six full-time staff, including an esports specialist.

Adam Morgan, the Editor in Chief of the Chicago Review of Books, published an article today in The Guardian explaining why the Chicago Review of Books chose to boycott Simon & Schuster, the company publishing MILO’s new book, DANGEROUS.

The title of the Guardian article reads, “Publishing Milo Yiannopoulos’ book is wrong. My magazine is fighting back.” However the URL of the article and the Facebook sharing preview reveal the title, “Simon & Schuster is rewarding alt-right hate speech. We cannot stay silent.”

But on Saturday, when the biographer of a lesbian artist criticised Simon & Schuster, Yiannopoulos responded: ‘There is only one place for lesbians: porn.’”
This may be a simple error but it is also likely that the title calling MILO’s book “alt-right hate speech” was the original tile of the article. The Guardian may have realised their error in calling MILO “alt-right”, a political movement which MILO has repeatedly stated he is not part of, despite the media’s various attempts to paint him as a “leader” of the movement, and changed the article title.

Morgan’s article goes on to make a number of claims such as, “2016 taught us that ridiculing women, people of colour, Muslims and members of the LGBTQ community can make someone immensely popular,” and that MILO is, “not a conservative intellectual leader with a political agenda. He’s a clickbait grifter who has made a name for himself spewing hate speech.” [FULL]

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Anonymous said...

Aside from "HATE" speech,
what sort of speech
does the Left...much less the alt-Left...HAVE?!?

Helly said...

"He’s a clickbait grifter who has made a name for himself spewing hate speech.”

Artists reflect their times. His surreal behavior is a punch in the nose to Leftists using their own fists.

Anonymous said...

We definitely have mixed feelings about Milo. It's great that he has Conservative instincts and quick wit and uses them to confound the Left. But Tucker Carlson does that too, and without being another smug fucking faggot.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

Clayton Barnett said...

After having my wife 'bring down the house,' as it were, at Milo's Ohio State Q&A, he was very kind and gracious to her, afterwards. Like most 'celebrities,' I think his stage persona is a bit different than his private.

Anonymous said...

He was "gracious" and his private persona is different? So you're telling us that in private he doesn't say shit like "As much as I love black d***, how could anyone call me a racist?"

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