Sunday, January 22, 2017

New Sheriff in Town, Ma'am


Skoonj said...

I saw that this morning, and it is great news. That means that they could get serious sentences. Also, they can be rolled to tell who is paying them for their felonies. Last I heard, paying for them is likewise a felony. Can you hear me now George Soros?

Chris in NC said...

and the odds of them actually returning in February? Zero

Skoonj said...

If they don't come back, it's for a felony, not a misdemeanor. And the new sheriff in town is more likely to have them brought in. Another charge.

Dan said...

Charge a felony, release on own recognizance, plead down to misdemeanor, fine them a dollar (or let them off with a mild scolding).
More theater.

Anonymous said...

The crimes happened in DC. Who runs DC?

Nothing bad will happen to them. They're covered.


Jess said...

Felony dumbassery is a better charge, but there's no laws against such things, except the laws of physics. Too bad we really don't have a flat Earth, and an edge for dumbasses to fall from.

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