Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Now, Get the hell out ..

“We have shown the capacity to change.”

As we did on Nov. 8. And now, Jan. 20 will mark the end of an error.

Ten minutes in, he finally got around to blaming Bush. In a rush, Obama mentioned how he “shut down Iran’s nuclear capacity without firing a shot.” Yeah, right.


Juice said...

Wait! Did 4chan write Obama's speech?

Unknown said...

"We shut down Iran's nuclear weapons program without firing a shot."

Holy Cow! Had I been playing the popular drinking game of taking a sip of my favorite adult beverage every time I heard a politician (Obama in particular) lie, I would have had to slug down a really stiff belt for that one. Of course, just about anyone who plays that game winds up snockered in pretty short order when Barack Hussein Obama is at the lectern or anywhere in front of a camera.

Truth be told, the rest of his speech didn't strike me as consisting of blatant, brazen lies so much as it seemed to consist of non sequiturs and contradictions in terms, and what made things seem to be contradictory or to not follow was the impossible-to-ignore history of the fellow uttering them.

So, when Obama mentioned, several times, his love for America or for the Constitution, or for "the rule of law", or when he spoke so glowingly of the concept of citizenship, it definitely made the red light flash and the warning buzzer sound in my brain's Horseshit Detector, even if it didn't peg the needle firmly into the red zone the way his treacherously fallacious claim about Iran had.

[Excerpted from a piece I hope to see published tomorrow.]

Anonymous said...

That unadulterated bullshit, disguised as a "farewell speech". was nothing more than a whole bunch of egotistical crap. And worse, it took The ayatollah Obama almost an hur to spout it, when he could have summed it all up in just 6 words - "I am the greatest President ever." And it goes without saying that those 6 words would just be one more of his seemingly endless lies.

Skoonj said...

Slightly OT, but TWICE Monday I heard Rush Limbaugh end a segment with a familiar line: "I haven't seen the Democrats this mad since Lincoln freed the slaves."

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