Saturday, January 21, 2017

Stilton Jarlsberg

Damian Housman (skoonj)

This is introductory stuff for Johnny Optimism, by The Big Cheese, Stilton Jarlsberg.

Welcome to Johnny's World

Johnny Optimism is a darkly comic look at a boy who tries to look on the bright side because "things could always get worse." And they do get worse, time after time.

Johnny interacts with a highly unusual collection of medical professionals, bureaucrats, mean kids, fellow sufferers, a manic helper monkey and more - getting real comfort only from his faithful dog, Lance.

Together they're trying to cope with Life...just like the rest of us.

Skoonj sent me Johnny Optimism link by Stilton Jarlsberg.  A replacement for Hope & Change?  No.  At first glance I didn't really get it. Then I noticed archives that go back to 2010, from which I plucked these two.  Aha.  Now that I'm grounded, I like. My kind of humor. 


Skoonj said...

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stranger.

DougM said...

Trust him, he's a doctor.

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