Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Today's Toons


Leonard Jones said...

The alternative media played a huge role in creating President
The Donald. There are many people talking about how the left
drove people to vote Trump because they were sick of being
called racists, bigots, etc. They were also driven by the
incestuous relationship between the Democrats and the media,
the systemic corruption, etc

But your post nails it. Without the alternative media like Drudge,
Breitbart, Bloggers etc., that carried this wave he would not have
won. But there is another issue to consider:

Even here in the Soviet Socialist Republic of California, opposition
to gay marriage, gun control, illegal immigration, and support for
the death penalty, law enforcement, are all 60 to 80 percent issues.

Trump dismissed the usual advice from the campaign advisers he first
hired. He ran on the kinds of issues that propelled Nixon and Reagan
to 6 massive landslide elections! He still took a pass on my home
state, but his strategy was to win by playing small ball.

Once job creation and economic growth hit full throttle, and if he runs
for reelection, he will win California in a landslide. A recent poll
showed 74 percent of Californians want to see an end to sanctuary
cities. Between this and the 2018 mid-term losses by the Democrats,
by the time 2020 rolls around, the Democrat will go the way of the
Whigs. They will no longer have the ability to constitute a national party!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are right Leonard. I love all Trump has done so far and love even more hearing the left sputter and spew! It does my heart good seeing somebody in the office who actually KNOWS wtf he is doing AND LOVES THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I find the information on California interesting to say the least. I, from the MSM perspective, thought all of CA was in love with illegals and wanted all they could get. Now that made no sense so it is good to hear they have not all lost their friggin minds.


Chris in NC said...

TPP and ordering the pipelines to be made from American steel pretty much secures and locks in the blue wall states that he took from hillary. The people in those states took a chance on him and he rewarded them day 1. They will remember that come next election.

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