Tuesday, January 31, 2017

... we'll have to mine less

Stu Tarlowe <stu@tarlowe.com>
1:27 AM (7 hours ago)

Even though this is an anti-Trump joke, it's still pretty funny (and I'll bet even Trump would laugh):

Pres. Trump is meeting with his Cabinet, and his Sec'y of the Interior says, "It's great that you've put the coal miners back to work, but now we actually have too many mines operating."

So Trump says, "Well, we'll have to mine less."

And one of his aides, a stickler for grammar, says, "Mine fewer!"

And Trump says, "Please, don't call me that YET!"

Cheers,  ST

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Anonymous said...

"Heil MYSELF!" - "To Be Or Not To Be" 1942

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