Friday, January 13, 2017

You Tube Nuk's Legal Insurrection

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YouTube has removed Legal Insurrection’s Channel
Hundreds of videos lost.

YouTube took down Legal Insurrection’s Channel without any prior notice based on “multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement,” but we never received any claims of infringement.

We have lost hundreds of videos, including a lot of original content on important news subjects. You now will see disabled videos in hundreds of our posts.

I have no idea what the supposedly offending videos are. We are pretty careful when it comes to copyright, so I’m suspecting that someone about whom we posted a video made the claims.

We’ve filed the appeal forms, but if anyone has a contact at YouTube, I’d appreciate the help. Please email me.

For years I posted my videos on You Tube.  Until.  About 2 years ago a rash were deleted, and I was put on double secret probation (really), and had to take a You Tube class on creative license infringement, and write a letter of apology. The last time was over some videos containing short (less than 1 minute) clips from Blue Bloods.  Just not worth it anymore.

My personal opinion is that individuals, who monitor for compliance issues, are heavily left wing (as are Google owners), and are using their position to smack down "unpalatable (to them)" commentary. To wipe out a major service like Legal Insurrection, however
that had to have been okay'd by the top floor. The media war is spreading.


jlw said...

i checked a couple of hours ago and Legal Insurrection was still running ads with YouTube videos in them. i mention this not as approval or condemnation. simply an observation that i find inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

We should be lining up on the horizon with howitzers aimed at Google. That is the most evil corporation this nation has ever birthed, and it needs to be destroyed.

Chris in NC said...

JLW those vids are from a different youtube channel. I just checked and their channel is still dead

toadold said...

Hmmm, getting cross wise with a lawyer is not the smartest thing a social media company could do these days.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Chris - Major Award!

Eskyman said...

LI YouTube channel was restored as of 1/13/17, but there are still lots of missing videos and still a lot of legal battles to come re: their content and whether it was illegally removed.

I was once a regular at Legal Instruction, which had excellent coverage on the Trayon Martin case; but later, the TDS got so bad at that site that the only thing I wanted to see was AF Branco's cartoons, which I found elsewhere. I'm glad they seem to have recovered some sense, but I doubt I'll become a regular there again. Some of their commenters are still foaming at the mouth about PE Trump, though it isn't nearly as poisonous now as it once was.

However, it was and is an excellent site when it comes to matters involving Israel and the Jews, and matters involving University "education." Andrew Branca is also excellent on the topic of armed self-defense, and his book is a must-have for armed citizens.

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