Friday, July 14, 2017

Is that first on Opie?

Res Ipsa Loquitur
Who are these people?

Think about it.  A?  B?  C?


Marty.  Eustace.  Tom and Nancy.

If you're not a Mountain Men  aficionado, there's no way  you know.  My favorite of the bunch is Eustace Conway, followed by Tom and Nancy Oar.  Marty's a guy who pretty much annoyed the crap out of me until I saw his bio.  Have a new respect for him now.  There's others, but these three must be the most popular, based on the amount of face time they get.  My heads up about their past came with S 6 E 0, Escape to the Wild.  That prompted me to look on You Tube, and Voila!  A Visit with Eustace Conway - A Mountain Man,  and The Untold Truth Of Mountain Men, are two. more looks at Eustace. There's more I guess, but I got bored and moved on. 

You're welcome


Anonymous said...

"A" is George W.Bush

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Scroll down

Anonymous said...

I watch just for Marty's flying. That guy can AV8. -Anymouse

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