Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Professor" Michael Hoskinson

“I think it’s a good thing,” she said of the resignation.

The imbroglio arose on the heels of a video of a speech Hoskinson gave to a conservative group in Santa Ana called “Political Correctness: The Death of America,” that surfaced on YouTube. The speech along with posts from Hoskinson’s Facebook page became the basis for a story by blogger John Earl on Surf City Voice titled “Surf City Commissioner Pushed Jewish-Marxist Conspiracy Theory.”

Some comments
Man on the street........ In this case all it took to be accused of being a racist was the use of the term "German Jew". The sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, Islamophobic... ect-phobic labels are a common Liberal tactic used to shutdown opposition to their ideology. Many people will shutdown, for fear of being labeled. The worst thing one can do is shutdown. Instead prove what you said was true, like I did. Always remain calm, even when you are being attacked. The Liberal wants you to become angry, so they can claim victory without proving anything.
Michael Hoskinson........ It was a lot of fun! When my buddy smiled at me, I knew it was OK to proceed. He is also a Conservative and he has witnessed me do this type of thing in the past........ But I feel I should mention this to. If you decide to confront the Liberal, be aware of the environment you are in. Some Liberals will become angry and some may become violent. Do not put yourself in harms ways.
The fact that Mr. Hoskinson was forced to resign is proof that his message is true. MTV comes out with videos bashing white men, football players disrespect the American flag, no one is ever forced to resign for such offenses. But if you speak ill of Socialism or Islam, you can lose your job or even your life. Voltaire said that if you want to know who really runs your society, find out who it is that you are not allowed to criticize.

I stumbled over this.   My first instinct was it was a student captured video of some professor giving a lecture. Even half-way through (at which point I was so excited about it that I prepared to post it) I'm thinking  "horry clap, this is one of  of the best distillations of the subject I've seen!" When I looked for the college professor Hoskinson toiled for,  I discovered the truth. This, for him, is an ironic, self fulfilling prophesy.   As far as being anti-Semiticbull shit.  It's validated truth.  And there's the rub.

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