Saturday, August 05, 2017

Guess what I'm doing ...

Who knew? Paying dividends already.


Freddo said...

Yeah, using Palemoon browser (derived from Firefox, but without the SJW madness from the latter) and Adblock Latitude, duck duck go as default search engine. They can probably still track more than I like but at least the adblocker goes a long way in not giving them any money and preserving my sanity at the same time.

Eskyman said...

I've found a VPN to be essential too: I use PIA (Private Internet Access) which works well, allows me to watch TV content across the world and doesn't let my ISP snoop into what I'm doing. These days I wouldn't do without it!

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio Sez:

Oh Rog, I've broken the "Google-umbilical" years ago (almost 8 years as a matter-of-fact). I have tried to tell everyone since then about Google's snooping and reporting to Obama's thought police. My ads, spam and scams were cut in half by just making that move.

Also, like Freddo said, above; I too have almost eliminated all of the other ads, spam and scams by using Ad Block Plus. I also have Ad Blocker Lite, AdGuard, Add Blocker and NoScript installed that, along with re-routing my Net Zero E-Mails thru additional "Junk" filters, has left my computer virtually free of any unwanted intrusions.

Call me paranoid if ya' want folks but, it's my damned computer and just as I would not invite an unwanted person in my home, I also don't want them on my computer.

Freddo's additional comment about Pale Moon is intriguing to me. I too have been playing around with Pale Moon but I don't feel comfortable enough yet to make the switch from Mozilla, which is also getting as damnable as Google.

Whenever I get a notice that I must stop using Ad Blocker or that I must use one of the many Google "services" to proceed on their site, I move on with the knowledge that I made the right decision. I don't believe I've missed much.

Finally, as far as the so called, social networking sites, I learned my lesson about them 10-15 years ago and have all of their ilk (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) blocked.

Anonymous said...

Palemoon is my browser, too. Fast and security conscious.
The problem with non-Palemoon browsers is that you're still being tracked. Every browser leaves a fingerprint as unique as your own fingers do, and duckduckgo and every other browser does nothing to block that, by default.
Palemoon -> about:config ->
canvas.poisondata - when it is set to "true", it sends false data to canvas trackers
This may work with firefox too, but there are other things in that browser that undermine it. And if you use Chrome, needless to say you may as well put your browser history on a billboard.

I retried DDG after reading this post.
Search term:
bind9 "would stop limiting error responses to"
No results.

Try or
A side benefit is viewing the results using their own proxy server link.


Donald said...

Have you given the Brave browser a try?

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