Monday, August 21, 2017

Judge To IRS: Start Naming Names

Think the IRS targeting scandal had dissipated? So did the IRS, but it got a very unpleasant surprise on Thursday in federal court. Judge Reggie Walton ordered the agency to start identifying the employees who took part in the targeting of conservative non-profit groups and to provide specific explanation for the delays in approval of that status for dozens of them. “Why hide the ball?” Judge Walton asked (via TaxProfBlog): [FULL]


Murphy(AZ) said...

Identify the employees who BROKE THE LAW! Identify the supervisors and department heads who CONSPIRED TO ALLOW LAWS TO BE BROKEN. Jail and/or fine all involved and found guilty for these crimes against law-abiding American citizens. MOST IMPORTANT: NEVER allow any of those found guilty to EVER again hold employment in ANY government position. They are un-hirable for any government position, to include picking up trash in Federal parking lots.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

That Lois Lerner is still walking free shows just how corrupt these people are. And please tell me how the fk this happens??

IRS rehires personnel fired for targeting conservatives!

Americans were livid in the days of Barack Obama when they learned the IRS was targeting anyone with a conservative political stance.

And despite the fact that some folks got fired from the agency, they're now being REHIRED, prompting one congressman to say: "You can't make
this stuff up, can you? It's truly unbelievable" ...

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