Thursday, September 28, 2017

And it's fun too!

Matt of Demolition Ranch used these calibers:

12 Gauge

Who would have thought something as simple as a horse stall mat, flex seal and a simple unhardened steel plate could stand up so well to small arms fire? Here I thought flex seal was only good for taping together a boat!

Granted, once you get into those heavier and larger rounds, the armor lost its effectiveness. But for a homemade project, it’s pretty darn impressive stuff! Keep this simple design in mind for a SHTF scenario.


LivingFossil said...

"Don't tell Mare, you're just wasting her time."

Eskyman said...

I sure wish I lived in the United States, that looks like so much fun!

Here in California fun isn't legal, and a mutant is an illegal alien with an illegal gun. Oh, but we're not allowed to call them illegal aliens, they're undocumented criminals or something. Sigh.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

prefect solution

Cheesy said...

Matt and his Dad (retiring tomorrow, congrats, Lee!) own the vet clinic around the corner where we take our pets.
Absolutely admirable people.

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