Saturday, September 30, 2017

Miss Meadows;Dressmaker

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People are always asking ...

Rodge:  I'm a lurker.  I love your movie picks, and pass them on to my husband as my own finds. He always loves them. However, it's like you hardly do cinema picks lately, so I've had to use my own judgment and Harry (hubby) complains that I've lost my touch and he's going back to YouPorn.  Help!


Two Winners

Well, Holly, here's two that are under the radar from Amazon. The Dressmaker started slowly, and my wife was fidjitating.  "Hang on, I cautioned. I watched the trailer and you'll like it."  I was right.  Miss Meadows was another winner.  Did you like "Serial Mom? This has an unexpected ending. 

Finally. I stumble upon MAGIC CITY last night, and before I knew it ...  3 episodes.  I'm hooked.


Eskyman said...

Watched Miss Meadows last night; delightful!

This country needs more like her: women who dance through life, dress up to look delightful everyday, and who take out the trash whenever they come in contact with it!

If I ever meet such a woman, I marry her, you betcha!

Don't know how I ever missed seeing such a little gem. Great tip, Rodger!

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Aw shucks; Weren't nothing

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