Monday, September 18, 2017


just popped into my head


Linda Sue O'Grady said...

ah. I know every single song, by heart. My Gran was good friends with Jay Black's mother, and I grew up listening to them.

Unknown said...

Hmmm...I always thought they had sung "She was standing there giving me looks that made my heart water", which I always thought was so very poetic. Now all the "Lyrics" pages (and the video here, which is clearly not the original) say it was the more mundane and predictable "made my mouth water". Did my own mind supply that bit of poetic license, causing me to mis-remember it all these years?

It's also interesting, for speakers of English and Spanish, how we got "vamoose" from the Spanish "vamonos" (Let's go!), kinda like how we got "buckaroo" from "vaquero" (cowboy).

Anyway, it's hard to think of that song without thinking of its progenitor, Marty Robbins's "El Paso".

Linda Fox said...

The woman in the song is a perfect example for Fox's Basic Rule for Men:

Anonymous said...

Interesting, Linda, that you had no qualms about writing "fuck" but then used asterisks to write "he**"; strange priorities.
And the poster on that site who commented that the site had become the place for crude sex advice had it right. The "rule" was expressed in more civilized fashion years ago, in a form that was good advice for women as well as men. It simply stated "Don't sleep with anyone who has more problems than you do." Years ago, I was the one eliminated by that rule; now it's me who's doing the eliminating. And, frankly, most women have more problems than I do.

Caballero Andante

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I'm trying to find where (any) LInda used "fuck." ??

Anonymous said...

Follow her link, Rodger, to her post on "Liberty's Torch", where she lays out her "Fox's Basic Rule for Men" as (quote) "Don't Fuck Crazy Women."

Caballero Andante

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