Saturday, September 23, 2017

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People are always asking

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[Had not seen] This pic til today. Saw the blue dress one long ago.
Do you seriously still not have a social media acct of any kind???

Moochies Dick
"I told you to just chill out!"

Do you seriously still not have a social media acct of any kind???

I think I signed up for Twitter some years ago,  Ditto Facebook. Don't use them.  This blog is my social media. 


Murphy(AZ) said...

Words fail me on this one....

Merrily said...

Alrighty. Love ya anyway :-)

Eskyman said...

I'm sure that pic was just wind up her skirt or something. It couldn't possibly mean what it appears to mean, why after all the media would have told us, wouldn't they? Why of course they would, they're all about Truth and Justice, aren't they, with never a hint of bias. Look at the NYT's motto: "Just the facts, M'am." That's it, isn't it?

Everyone knows that the Obamas have just the bestest family ever, and they're just typical natural-born Americans, every one of them! Nothing peculiar about them at all. No, not at all!

Now if I were suspicious, I might look at an article like the one here, and doubt that we know all the truth about that wonderful all-American family:

I'm of course not suspicious, and I know- just like y'all do- that good ol' boy Hussein isn't any kind of a Kenyan Muslim at all, but a regular guy like you and me; and his wife is only a suburbian housewife like so many others, and just because no one can find pictures of her pregnant don't mean a thing!

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