Thursday, October 12, 2017

Boy Scouts announce plans to admit girls

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Eskyman said...

Another American institution down the drain. Sigh.

I sure wish the Left would find another amusement, ruining America is getting past the tiresome phase. Is there anywhere left for males to retreat these days? Apparently not.

There was a club that I heard about: they were a men-only organization where the guys liked to get away from their wives & girlfriends, drink some beer & talk about women & sports, maybe play some pool or darts, or work out in the club's gym. Then came Women's Lib, and this club had to "integrate" and allow women to join (which removed the reason for having the club in the first place, but nevermind.)

So the men did what they had to do, and decided that they'd have a celebration the first day that women were allowed into the club; they'd even add some more women-oriented sporting gear, to show there were no hard feelings!

The big day came, and with much ceremony the first women to join cut the ribbon across the door and entered the Men's Club, now the All-Gender Club. They were so pleased! Now there was no place their menfolk could go that they couldn't.

The ladies found the door to the gym, and inside was the new sporting equipment they'd been promised: washing machines & dryers, ironing boards, dishwashers, sewing machines....

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