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GUN CONTROL cries Brokaw

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Vegas Shooting by Skoonj

Vegas Shooting

A bit after 10 pm here last night, a man with a gun opened fire on a three-day country music concert outside the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.  Now that I've heard some sound recording, I can tell you that the shooter DID have a fully automatic weapon.  So often you hear witnesses of some crime say there was a machine gun, and it was just a guy shooting a rifle rapidly.  This one actually sounded like full auto to me.

The shooter was in a room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay.  The police and hotel security responded to locate the shooter very quickly.  Just over five minutes after the start, it was over.  Police used explosives to enter the room, then shot the shooter.  Despite the fast response, more than 20 people were killed, and more than 100 wounded.  The shooter is dead, and they think he was alone, but they are looking for an Asian looking woman (looks like a Filipina) who may be a roommate of the shooter.  Her name is Mary Lou Stanley.  Police are looking for two cars

We (my wife Flora and me) were asleep at the time in our home in the NW of town.  Flora got up at 2 am to get ready for her job as a cook at Payard Restaurant in Caesars Palace.  She leaves home at 3 am, and begins work at 4 am.  That's very close to Mandalay Bay.  She started getting texts from co-workers about the shooting and how it impacts entry to the property.  One of her friends was stuck in a Caesars parking lot, unable to get out of his car.  Close to 3 am he was allowed to walk to work.  Interstate 15 was shut down in both directions, as was Frank Sinatra Dr, so getting in was a problem.  At about 3 am Flora got word that police had set up an entry line, so she will be able to get in (she uses Flamingo rather than I-15).  She will text me of the situation.  Hotel security has been very helpful as well.  By the way, she is from the Philippines.

There is huge coverage of this event, not just with local and regional coverage.  There is massive international coverage because OJ Simpson was released from prison in Northern Nevada.  He is expected to take up residence in the Summerlin area, which is in the northwest of the city, fairly close to where we live.  His place has a golf course, as you would imagine.

Sheriff Lombardo just gave a news conference with updates.  There are at least 50 dead, 200 wounded.  The believe they have the woman they were looking for, and have located both cars.  When he spoke of the shooter, he gave his name (Steven Paddock, born 1953, spelling approximate) and mentioned they were searching the room he's been in.  He used the term "rifles", so there are more than one.  They are also executing a search warrant at the shooter's residence.  He's a local.

Anyway, that's all I have now.  I'm just sending this out because most of you know we live in Las Vegas.  Yes, we are safe.

UPDATE: My wife just asked:  "How long before  someone demands ..." GUN CONTROL, I interrupted.  "Tom Brokaw, now," she replied.

Thanks Skoonj (Damian Housman) 


drew458 said...

This is a terrible occurrence, and yes, it was fully automatic fire, of hundreds if not at least a thousand rounds. My guess is it was AKs. And within 3 or 4 days, the AWB / gun control thing is going nuclear. The news heads are already calling this the "threshold event". At the very least, expect a MAJOR mental health exam law, and kiss your Class III goodbye.

It's going to be ugly, and it's going to be very very hard to hold back the tide.

Skoonj said...

There was a fully auto gun firing. Not only that, if you listen to the sound of it, it HAS to be more than 30 rounds. Could it be 7.62? Maybe, but I don't know about that. He did no apparent aiming, but the equivalent of spray and pray. The sound may have been louder because of the shape of the building, which is kind of like a cup.

He's 64 years of age, and attacked a country music festival. Maybe he's a copycat of the guy who shot up the Republicans who were practicing baseball in NE Virginia. He was also older, and convinced to kill Republicans by the leftist/Democrat propaganda around.

if I were with the cops I would check the time of death of this guy. Not an easy thing to imagine, but say another person was there. Let's say Paddock was just an unfortunate victim, kidnapped, drugged, and shot to death by the other person even before the other shooting started. The other person actually had an escape plan, and made good on it before the cops arrived at the door. Hell, maybe he had another room on the same floor, or a floor or two separated. That might divert the cops from the actual perp.

The woman was Paddock's girl friend, and also worked at a strip hotel. Maybe Mandalay. Though the cops say she's no longer a suspect I would continue to keep an eye on her. She looks to be a Filipina, which means there's at least a long shot possibility she has connections with a Philippine terrorist organization.

Anyway, those are my thoughts for now.

Chris in NC said...

Dude was an islamic convert. Isis is taking credit. same shit different day. Rather than blame islam they'll go for the guns

Unknown said...

I believe (based on the sound recorded from 32 floors down, and on opinions expressed by people with far more expertise and experience than me) that he was using an actual machine gun (some SAW variant), not a selective-fire or altered semi-auto battle rifle.

Skoonj has updated his original e-mail about this (which you published) a couple of times. I like his speculation about this shooter having been inspired by the shooting of Steve Scalise and others at the ballfield in Virginia, but the MSM would rather this shooter be painted as a homegrown jihadi than as a radical Leftist. I also think Skoonj's speculation about Stephen Paddock possibly having been a patsy is worth investigating, except that today's FBI is compromised by politics and can no longer be counted on to conduct a comprehensive and corruption-free investigation.

And let's just see which talking heads are the first to try to make names for themselves by blaming this on Trump; it'll be interesting to see if Stephen Colbert, for example, will be able to refrain from his compulsive nightly Trump-bashing.

Skoonj said...

Learned about this today. My wife, Flora, was offered a ticket to the concert near Mandalay Bay that was attacked by Stephen Paddock. Since it was a concert into the evening, and she had to wake up at 2 a.m., she decided against going. Other friends did go. One, a manager at Payard and a co-worker, managed to survive uninjured. Another, a friend and former co-worker, went to the show and was killed. Angela Gomez, 20, who was living in Riverside, Calif., didn't make it. Flora just found out about this. She is shaken, and very glad she doesn't accept event and party invitations during the work week. She liked Angela very much, and will miss her.

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