Saturday, October 14, 2017

Kool Tool

I use it to fill cavities


toadold said...

"Oh Noes the condom broke! Let me get my tool box. I can fix it with some super glue and baking soda."

MAX Redline said...

Great find! Thanks!

Leonard Jones said...

This has been around for at least a few decades. There has been a booth set up
at the TRW (now Northrop) computer and electronics swap meet (AKA geek meet) for
the last 20+ years. I never understood how anyone could make money selling two
commonly available ingredients.

There was also a vendor there who sold What we now refer to as Bucket Bosses,
(those sleeves that fit over 5-gallon plastic pails with dozens of pockets for
tools.) I was in the mechanical trades about 45 years. This guy spent the
entire month sewing these things together and selling them on the last Saturday
of every month. In his case, he got screwed by not patenting his invention.

Eskyman said...

Muggins was checking out the aisles at the local Gun Show, when he saw a guy demonstrating this Fantastic New Superglue Package, that came with a bottle of liquid and a small box of powder.

The demonstration was how you could fix almost anything- radiator hoses, garden hoses, fill holes with a super-hard compound- and this was all at a Special Price, This Gun Show Only: the Magic Liquid and the Mystery Powder BOTH, for ONLY $10! What a DEAL, right?

Muggins was impressed as all hell, never had seen nuthin like that out in the country, and oh boy what a lot of uses he could think of for it, so naturally he bought 2 packages!

Then at the next Gun Club meeting, Muggins told the others what he'd bought.

Never have heard so many people laughing so hard. It beat the hell out of a George Lopez joke.

Muggins hasn't recovered from that experience, and no longer trusts his fellow humans.

But he does keep baking soda on hand which costs $1 per box, along with bottles of superglue from the 99 Cent Store, which does the same thing as his $20 worth of Fantastic New Superglue.

I keep hoping Muggins will learn, but he is resistant.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Will also insure your wife's fidelity while you're on that fishing trip.


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