Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Three winners


People are always asking. "Say, Rodge ..                     

Three Stop Shopping
Hey Rodge!  There's so much news these days, and so many venues that I go crazy trying to keep up.  I notice that you seem to find a lot of fresh and reliable esoterica ... what are your fav sources? My company requires that we keep up with trends, but I can't be spending all day.


Jeff Z.

Here are three that I rely on. 

Free Republic  has been around for 20+ years, and is more than a news
aggregator. Peeps can post on any topic, from any world resourse, and be assured that it will be scrutinized by some of 12 billion readers (my guess).  Commenters offer additional facts, or show it to be utter crap straight away. All this peppered with amusing .gifs.  Five Stars.

Bad Blue. Click here and find the the newest news blurbs extant.  Focus is on unmasking leftist MoFo agaiprop, and offer fresh, constantly changing news from sources you never heard of.  You are left to you to verify. 

Of course DRUDGE is the original, and best, pure news aggregator of all.

Samples below.


Anonymous said...

Maggie's Farm is another good site.

oy vey ole' said...


Murphy(AZ) said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I used to be a regular reader of Maggie's Farm until it got mis-placed in an unfortunate computer crash some years ago. Time to go back for a visit.

Unknown said...

I read American Thinker religiously every morning. (No, "religiously" doesn't mean I light candles, or put on tefillin and shlug a chicken.)

Anonymous said...

To keep up on doings in Latin America that oft go unreported otherwise (what's really going on in Venezuela, Argentina or Cuba) or just to get the Latin American angle on stories (like the release of the JFK files) I like Fausta's Blog and Babalu Blog.

Caballero Andante

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I believe there's a better than average probability that every American Thinker article posted will find its way to FR. Sites like Maggie's Farm and Sondrak are terrific, but I was above listing sites that carry ground breaking news.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Or, LIke FR, news and topics from sources we probably would otherwise never stumble on. Comments on FR range from pedestrian to incredibly insightful.

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