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Democrat Media Monkeys

Liberal journalists are worried about Neil Gorsuch. The October 16 issue of Time magazine fretted of the newly-minted conservative Supreme Court justice: “Does Justice Neil Gorsuch talk too much?" Writer Tessa Berenson touted liberal critics complaining about Gorsuch “ruffling some feathers.”

Ruth Bader Buzzy Naps


It didn’t take long for the newest member to make his presence known on the Court. Gorsuch, a conservative judge nominated by President Trump and confirmed in April, had been sitting in his first oral argument last spring for just 10 minutes before he asked his first question. Over the next hour, he asked 21 more, posing more questions at his first oral argument than any of his eight colleagues did at theirs. He blew past Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s previous record of 15 questions at her first oral argument, according to Adam Feldman, who runs a blog tracking Supreme Court data.

That’s rare for a freshman justice. By the Court’s unwritten rules, new members are often seen more they are heard. “I think he has ruffled some feathers on the Court,” Garrett Epps, a professor at University of Baltimore School of Law, says of the newest justice.

Eventually, she got to the real question: “In its new term beginning October 2, the Supreme Court will consider many pressing questions. Can a baker refuse to make a cake for a gay wedding? Can states redraw districts to help a political party? And, does Justice Neil Gorsuch talk too much?”

Berenson cited another liberal, activist Nan Aaron:

Justices often give speeches to liberal or conservative groups, but Democrats are upset by the optics of Gorsuch’s recent appearances. “Generally, Supreme Court justices, whether appointed by Democrats or Republicans, do their best to avoid any outward support for an administration,” says Nan Aron, president of liberal judicial advocacy group Alliance for Justice, who argues Gorsuch has “erased any possibility that he is anything other than a partisan.”

To be fair, the journalist also included some conservative fans of Gorsuch. But how often have Barack Obama’s appointees been chastised for “talking too much?”

When Gorsuch was nominated, outlets such as CBS and the Washington Post fretted that he was either "right" or "far-right." In contrast, Sonia Sotomayor, appointed by Barack Obama, was "not nearly as liberal" as you may have heard.

[Free Republic]

 I found this on FR.  It's run-of-mill crap one expects from Time & Ilk.  What I found especially interesting was in the comment   threads.  We know Roberts was (inappropriately) being directly pressured by Obama.  After Roberts' bizarre decision I wondered whether there was some sort of black mail involved  Only thing that could possibly explain it.

To: Kaslin
Traitor Roberts became much quieter after his treason...
To: Paladin2
You are being unfair to Chief Justice Roberts. He only voted once with the liberal Justices.
To: Kaslin
Yeah but that one vote was the very worst one which impacted millions of lives.
To: Kaslin
Yeah, probably the most important vote since Roe v Wade. Roberts is a traitor to the constitution.
He lived the closet homo life, and finally late in life when it because noteworthy, he got a wife illegally bought a few Irish orphans. (???)
He stabbed every American in the back over healthcare. It’s impossible to be “unfair” to him.


Jess said...

I guess the liberals don't realize Gorsuch is talking more to reassure those in the courtroom. An average person would perceive half the justices as either in a coma, or deceased.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

This has everything to do with Gorsuch scaring the crap out of those people (all dems) who rely on making the courts the single governing body. Pure bile. IMO

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