Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A nice Italian girl?



Prince Harry is to marry his mixed-race girlfriend Meghan Markle. I think that's terrible.

All those centuries of selective breeding, only to go off and mate with someone of inferior genetic make-up.

Still, I suppose it's her business if she wants to marry a ginger

They asked Prince Philip and the Queen if they were upset at all that Harry is going to marry a black woman.

They replied, "We don't give a fuck, we're not even related to the kid."

ETC - Sikopedia.net

Thanks to Stu

From Sickipedia.net:

And a number of them seem to be following a certain theme:

Note: If  I'm Harry, I'm  all over her too.  And,  I'd have guessed Italian.


drew458 said...

You just wait until they find out that she's half Jewish.

Yup, when she marries him she'll be a genuine Jewish American Princess.

Not to mention that's she a divorcee.

Personally, I think she's smoking hot.

Anonymous said...

Jewish girls, Italian girls...do you know how to tell the difference?

Italian girls wear fake jewelry, but have real orgasms!

Caballero Andante

Anonymous said...

Meghan's security detail refers to her by the callsign Yankee Zulu...

Tom Smith said...

She is no different than Obama.........just as much of an American.

Be kinda cute to see her say "S'up" to the Queen.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Props to Caballero Andante
Actually, the best group of comments I can remember

Anonymous said...

And the hits just keep on coming!

Meghan Markle has chosen the material for her weddingl gown. She picked cotton.

On the occasion of the Royal Engagement, I'd like to wish the entire Royal Family Coongratulations!

Anonymous said...

When Harry brought out the Christmas tree, his bride-to-be exclaimed, "Oh, Darling, you've bought my family a new home!"

Anonymous said...

Megan Merkel has said she intends to remember her roots whilst adopting traditional British values and whenever she is faced with adversity, she'll display a stiff rubber lip.

(Golly, we love Sickipedia.net!)

Anonymous said...

"Remember her 'roots'"? Like Chicken George, Kunta Kinte, Kizzy and Fiddler?

Anonymous said...

Christmas Day at Buckingham Palace and Prince Philip is carving the royal turkey.
He turns to Prince Harry and says, "Harry, do you prefer dark or light meat?"

"Bugger, forget I asked".

Royal decorators are preparing the new cottage in Kensington palace ready for Prince Harry and Meghen Markle to move in.
The silverware is being security marked "Property of Kensington Palace" and everything worth over £50 is being chained down or bolted to the floor.

Headline: "Meghan Markle Can Be the New Diana, Say Charities"
That's good news? Diana was 36 when she had that fatal "accident". Meghan is 36 now.

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