Friday, November 17, 2017

Gun Control: A War Not a Conversation

Semi-Auto Rifles: 
Common for 100 Years: 
Mass Shooters, Not

Arizona -( Opponents of an armed population often claim that semi-automatic rifles are a new phenomena in the United States. That is false. [FULL]


Anonymous said...

Exactly right, RKOF (as usual).

The situation in the country today, political and cultural, is “us v them”. The left’s “national conversation” bullshit has nothing to do with developing a common understanding. It is merely a battlefield tactic.

“Their” best men are murderers like Teddy Kennedy, rapists like Bubba Clinton, perverts like Franken, Wiener and Menendez and criminals like Bubba’s wife.

Even if Roy Moore is what the lying press says he is (and he is certainly not), he still does not descend to the level of the “best” Democrat. And he is our guy, not theirs.

Steve in Greensboro

Unknown said...

All this malarkey about "why should ordinary citizens have military-style firearms?" is an example of too many Americans not understanding the rationale behind the Second Amendment. And this lack of understanding is a deliberate result of the systematic dumbing down of the populace by the Leftist-controlled educational establishment over the last half-century or so.

The Second Amendment exists to ensure that the People have the means to discourage and resist tyranny. I've shared this quote here before, and I'll do it again: Tench Coxe, one of America's Founders, when asked "Just what sort of arms shall the People 'keep and bear'?", emphatically replied, "Every terrible implement of the soldier!"

Rodger the Real King of France said...

That is Zakly right Stu

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