Thursday, November 30, 2017

Too, Too, Precious. Really.


Hodja said...

Britain's Hate Speech Police

commoncents said...

More Winning! The amazing Trump Bump stock rally in pictures

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Unknown said...

First of all, let me deconstruct this and set everybody, including the president, straight. The nickname for Elizabeth Warren is "Fauxcahontas". I don't know who coined it, but it fits her (and her fake-phony-fraudulent "Native American heritage") to a "T". I've also heard her called "Lie-a-watha".

Now, Trump is a) not the most educated guy, so "faux" may have gone right over his head, or he might have felt it would go over our heads, or b) he mis-heard it; either way, rendering it as "Pocahontas" is a lot weaker than "Fauxcahontas" (which would be harder to cast as an insult to Injuns because it's just a play on words and not the name of an actual person).

Ah, but is there a name that so aptly describes Keith Olbermann? That's a tough one. "Douchebag" comes to mind, but doesn't really even come close. Maybe we need to fall back on that German word encountered here before: "Backpfeifengesicht".

Anonymous said...

There was some kerfuffle on Glenn Cuck’s radio show. Cuck and his amen chorus of retarded hyenas (Beavis and Butthead I think they are called) thought it was inappropriate to honor the Navajo WWII vets in front of a portrait of President Andrew Jackson.

Someone should tell Cuck and his band of merry tards that Old Hickory did nothing to the Navajo. He relocated the Cherokee. I doubt most Navajo give two shits about the Cherokee, in the same way that most Irish don’t give two shits about Hungarians.

And I thought Elizabeth Warren’s tribal name was “Walking Eagle”, in honor of a bird too full of shit to fly.

Steve in Greensboro

Unknown said...

All well and good, Steve (and good historical points raised!), except that I find you (and others) a little too enamored of the oh-so-trendy term (and the "Alt-Right's" word of the year) "cuck". Although it's used to insult Liberals, snowflakes and "metrosexuals", I find it far too popular with the new crop of "Alt-Right" white supremacist, KKK-and-Nazi-admiring, sidewalk biker/skinhead-types, whose hyper-masculinity seems only slightly removed from the "rough trade" leather-whips-and-chains image affected by certain homosexuals. Men who call other men "cucks", like men who call other men "bitches", are projecting some serious issues of their own, in my humble opinion. I hope you're just trying to be trendy and are not really one of those.

Eskyman said...

Heh, it gets even better:

CNN political analyst Joshua Green met with Thomas Begay – one of the [native American] veterans honored at the event – who said that while he was puzzled by the comment, he was not offended by it.

“The Marines made us yell ‘Geronimo’ when we jumped out of planes, and that didn’t offend me either,” Begay said. (from DailyWire.)

So it's only The Usual Suspects who are "offended," but for a lot of people it's the first time they have heard about the fact that Lizzie Warren is a fake Injun!

As to the Faux- or Poco- question, I think Don Surber explained it best:

"By the way, Trump calls Warren Pocahontas instead of Fauxcahontas because the latter is too complicated. In print, it looks OK because most people know Faux means fake.

But it sounds like Foe-cahontas.

Pocahontas works because it mocks her claim to be an Indian, which she is not. Someone once said a Jeep Cherokee is more Indian than she is."

Check out Don's website here, I think you'll like it:

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