Saturday, December 23, 2017

From the ago times

This is the post that crashed my ms10
(From iPad


Anonymous said...

"Haaaate Speeeech!!!"


Chris in NC said...

that I can get behind!!! Merry Christmas everyone!! :)

Unknown said...

This year, as I've been doing for years, I have my house decorated with all manner of Christmas lights and decorations, as well as a big menorah and some Hanukah-themed decorations.

But then I thought, "Gee, there's a chance that my new neighbor across the street, Abdul, might find all this offensive."

So, rather than leave it to chance, I spray-painted "Mohammed was a fucking pedophile" on my garage door.

Eskyman said...

Merry Christmas and a Very Politically Incorrect Happy New Year to Everyone!

toadold said...

" I haven't seen your neighbor Abdul lately, do you know what's up with him? " , "I gave him a goat for Christmas." , "So?" , "It had an STD and now Abdul has it."

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