Saturday, January 06, 2018

Yes, the shark has been jumped

Remember this?
Guess what?

Drones that use Facial Recoginition and AI to get “The Bad Guys”(I wonder who determines who “The Bad Guys” are?)

It wasn't that long ago that some bloggers [ahem] were advocating the use of shotguns against traffic cams.  After watching this ... -- Well, just shudder.

Cuz Ricky

It seems every kid (of any any age) received a drone for Christmas.  I've heard them buzzing about.  My first thought; shotguns Your suggestion? 


Anonymous said...

It's not so much that the shark has been jumped (that means something entirely different). I think you mean the die is cast, or the Rubicon has been crossed.

rwnutjob said...

I read that when traffic cams were being tested in some state out west, they put them on tripods on the side of the road. They found one blown to shit & discovered that the last pic it took was of two guys in ski masks, in a primer gray 15 year old F-150 with the license taped over, and the passenger hanging out the side with a shotgun.

Anonymous said...

Fashion Prediction: Eyebrow-level Helmets [kevlar beanies?] and anti-FR makeup for all.


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