Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Sir, it seems you are absolutely correct.  After careful examination it seems that the 9 questions you got wrong were actually the correct answers.  We have corrected the quiz.  Sorry for the inconvenience and any possible besmirchment.

Official Test People


Jess said...

I took one of those tests. After completion, anyone that didn't know me, would have thought I had a doctorate from M.I.T.

I felt pretty good about myself, until I realized I was dumb enough to give a commercial website a bunch of clicks to add to their revenue.

Skoonj said...

I got 41 out of 50.

Anonymous said...

41/50 also. I got my GED when it meant something. It meant I got an hour of 2 rest in basic training.

Steve in Greensboro said...

41/50 here too, Boss. The Germans started WWII by invading Poland? I am sure that would be news to the Sudetenland Czechs.

Anonymous said...

46 out of 50

Eskyman said...

Long ago, when I studied psychology at UNM, one of my lecturers said that IQ tests were given to Australian Aborigines. The results were so bad that it appeared that the poor Abos were barely able to draw breath, they were so stupid. Their IQ rating was around IQ 20-50, according to the learned scientists who had administered the tests. (They didn't realize Abos have a very different concept of time.)

But then, I've often wondered- how well would the learned doctors do, if they were dropped in the outback of Australia with a few sticks and a dingo skin around their privates? They'd probably meet the same fate as many of the early European explorers did: they died miserably, in places where the Abos were living quite nicely.

So IQ doesn't measure everything. (Which is good, that way I can continue to believe I'm as smart as I think I am!)

Ralph Gizzip said...

49 out of 50 here, boss.

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