Monday, February 26, 2018

Tax System Explained



Anonymous said...

Some comments about this video from a liberal website:
"That old chestnut again."
"The worst part is that there is virtually no beer in the video.
The tax system isn’t explained at all, it’s a poor attempt at spinning taxcuts. Which is at best a small part of the tax system.
The video didn’t deliver on anything it promised, and instead you get something beyond ridiculous. And some bonus rants on the internet. "

"Oh indeed. Poor little richest guy. Where would we be without him? Won’t someone think of the rich for once?
(Gawd what an utter load of tripe this was.)"

drew458 said...

"That old chestnut again" ... is exactly right. This is the parable used to defend the Bush tax cuts at least a decade ago. And it's exactly how the lefties react always; oh the bad rich got a great big cut, but all those poor folks didn't get a thing. And we just heard it again with the Trump tax cut. Lefties never learn, and they never change.

This is why I choose drinking buddies who will buy a round once in a while. If they never do, or worse, have to be told it's their round, then I find new drinking buddies.

Anonymous said...

The sad part is the truth about the dependent class created in ours and other societies. Instead of being ashamed of being on the dole, they are hostile to those that do the heavy lifting. Bread and circuses.


toadold said...

Of course the new tax regulations in effect say, screw the ones on the dole they'll never vote for you anyway. And it is starting to look like if your dole is only good for six months after that you'll have to start working, either for private industry or the chain gang.

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