Monday, March 05, 2018

Cold Brew


Cold Brew

Saturday morning, no electricity.   Broken generator. Night spent wrapped in blankets. Not going to open the refrigerator, or freezer, so scooted to the Giant for some sustenance.  High on the list; coffee  and donuts. I had been noticing that this store was allocating more and more space  to coffee and tea. That means the profit margins are +++.  Now, one entire side of an aisle is carved out for them.  A long aisle. Okay, a good excuse to find out what the hell Cold Brew coffee is. And is it worth $5 a bottle? 

Short answer.  No.  This stuff caters to gen Starbucks. Oh, BTW, this Giant has a Starbucks concession up front; there are two more Starbucks stores within 500 yards. 
When our kids stay here, which is not that often anymore, the first thing they do in  the morning is drive to Starbucks for coffee.  Dun't matter that I just brewed a pot of real stuff. And yes, we both add a bit of bottled vanilla creamer, so we're not die hard black. To the point. The (Starbucks brand) Cold Brew tastes like Ovaltine. Did I say 5$ a bottle?  Today is Monday and the Cold Brew is still in the fridge, 75% full. 

One more thing.  I suspect that one day, if we survive the Deep State assault, scientists will discover a Starbucks additive causes brainal neurons to misfire all over the place.


Tom said...

1. Try the Italian Sweet Creme from Safeway

2. I'm astounded at the aisle space afforded water at the Giant nearest me.

Regnad Kcin said...

May I recommend that on your next sojourn that you pick up a 10oz. vacuum packed yellow brick of Café Bustelo espresso grind heaven ? Great way to jump start your morning. And, after the sun goes down, fire up a pot and add a shot or two of Canadian Windsor to take the edge off the day. Works wonders for what ails you....

Skoonj said...

You might look up Black Rifle Coffee Company. I tried some recently, it was excellent, and they are really making a name for themselves. When I inquired, they helped me select a specific blend that they make. The head of the company, a vet recently in Afghanistan, was on Hannity's radio program last week to tell the entire story. By the way, he likes his black.

Like most here, I won't go into a Starbucks if I'm still alive. And there is one in the front end of Albertson's. Also, When I go to my local Neighborhood Walmart, which I do frequently, I must pass a Starbucks that has an exceptionally small outside car line. So small that in the morning cars are out in the narrow road that goes to Walmart. I must be REALLY careful not to get into a collision there. You would think that after a while those on the car line would take a hint and get coffee elsewhere.

MAX Redline said...

Saturday morning, no electricity. Broken generator. Night spent wrapped in blankets.

Up here on the mountain, we tend to lose power in winter, which is why I have half a cord of alder out back, waiting to be split, another half cord drying in the shed, and more dry stuff in the firewood holder in the garage. Power goes out - no biggie, I stuff the contents of the fridge into a cooler and place it outside. The house temps stay comfortable, and I have a lot of propane for cooking and heating water. It's all worked for years, here.

Eskyman said...

I'll 2nd Skoonj's recommendation of Black Rifle Coffee. They have a range of coffees from light to extra dark: Black Beard's Delight makes waking up almost worthwhile, or at least bearable. If you got electricity, put it in your auto drip maker & just the smell will waft you gently out of bed, umm umm umm. If you don't got power, hot water in a manual drip or French press will do the trick.

They also have the best ads in the business, bar none. You want to get going in the morning? They must've been thinking of you:

Like most here, I wouldn't go into a Starbucks if they paid me; crap coffee with bad attitude. It makes me happy to support vets instead! (Now go & watch all the other ads on YouTube for their stuff; you'll be glad you did!)

Anonymous said...

Why do they call it Ovaltine? The mug is round; the jar is round; they ought to call it Roundtine.

(That's GOLD, Jerry! GOLD!)

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