Monday, March 12, 2018

Lighting cigar here boss


Anonymous said...

On the hot v crazy matrix she's a 20. Famous not for talent or intelligence but for having nice boobs. This idiot is the poster child for what's wrong with this country; her and those insufferable Kardashians.

Skoonj said...

Want to piss off an Armenian? When you find out they are Armenian, just say Oh, that's just like the Kardashians!

Anonymous said...

She's not talking, she's quacking!
Yuck. I am so sick and tired of talking heads whose only qualifications are bleached blond hair, bolt-on boobs and the ability?? to quack when they speak.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Eskyman said...

So at the very end, what do we have?

Conservative survivalists and dead liberals. Well, that's a positive outcome, anyway!

neal said...

The meds expired on her Obama therapy doll and she chewed his head off. Medic!

Leonard Jones said...

The fat boy's survival rations were Twinkies, Moonpies and Ho-ho's
no doubt. If this was not a parody, I'd be laughing my ass off!

I would have added that liberal women would be first to starve.
My mother learned at the knee of my grandmother in the early years
of WWII. She not only suffered deprivation, she learned how to
cook, bake, knit, sew, darn, embroider, etc. She knew how to make
bread from scratch, and could grind her own grain. She was canning
preserves up to the middle 60s.

The average Mileanneal female can do none of the above to say nothing
about killing and dressing game. Within a month, most of them would look
like emaciated zombies, and dead within 2. If their males cannot
survive, the females would not have a chance! As a 5-year-old Cub
Scout in 65, I was taught the same survival lessons as the Boy Scouts.

And once their EBT cards stopped working, the welfare leeches would
be in the same boat.

Dan said...

Is Trevor Noah a US Citizen? If not, isn't his commenting or opining on US elections
Foreign Interference?

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