Saturday, April 21, 2018

About the First Amendment ...

You can read about the contest and the prize here.


Anonymous said...

Is it real, or is it taqqiyah? Anytime I hear about "practicing Muslims" being critical of "radical Islam", I have my doubts.

Eskyman said...

@Anon 7:40AM-

Why of course practicing muslims are critical of radical islam. That's why we see them marching in the streets after every atrocity, protesting against fundamental islamist doctrine and calling for islam to be reformed and the koran re-written.

I'm sure you remember all those marches, don't you?

Oh wait... sorry, apparently I was thinking of all the times those practicing muslims were dancing in the streets, celebrating the murder of Christians, Jews and anyone else that wasn't their kind of muslim. I guess that doesn't count!

Unknown said...

Eskyman: Apparently great minds really do think alike:

Eskyman said...

@Stu Tarlowe-

Yep! Well said in Am.Thinker!

BTW- you remember way back in 2015, when then-Candidate Trump said that he remembered thousands of muslims dancing on rooftops in New Jersey after 9/11, and the MSM hammered him for it?

I was in Australia when 9/11 occurred, and I too remember seeing that footage. Trump didn't exaggerate, there were lots & lots of muslims dancing; not just in New Jersey, but all over the world. This was on all Aussie channels; it's probably all gone down the memory hole now though. The MSM doesn't like having its Narrative interrupted, and Aussie media is possibly even further Left than our own!

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