Friday, April 27, 2018

What of Blue Apron?



Blue Apron Shipping Bag
I knew about Blue Apron, and had no interest. Then the kids gave  us a paid subscription for Christmas. I don't know how many meals it covers, but ever since MoSup plugged us in a month ago, every Friday UPS delivers two meals in a nifty freezer bag (on ice block).  So, yeah, you must keep it refrigerated, so make sure you have space (or order just one at a time). 

Now, I must say that, so far, not a single meal looked like anything I'd order at a restaurant. But. All have been absolutely delicious. No exaggeration.  Part of the secret lay with the various spice pouches, many of which I've never heard of.  Plus,where I have a propensity to spice the hell out of things, Apron seems stingy. The results have schooled my otherwise.

Each meal takes about 45/60 minutes to prepare. I know. But, and I cannot stress this too much, the end results are fabulous.  Every one of them. The portions are so generous that we could easily serve three people.
We are believers. I know nothing of cost.
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Aggravated DocSurg said...

Agreed -- have tried it a few times and have been vey surprised at the quality and freshness of the ingredients. Enjoy!

Juice said...

We also tried a few months of Blue Apron, mostly due to living in the middle of nowhere and having so many goods shopped online and delivered. For the fun of trying fresh food delivery. We agreed to cook and eat whatever meals were sent after choosing from the list. They were all very good and we even ate kale and collard greens, which was unheard for us since neither of us care much for cooked vege's. Now that we live in FL, fresh, tender, greens and fruits are very close by for the shop. Loving it!

Juice said...

Well, somebody didn't check her writing with glasses on. Oops, that would earn me an F in English class.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry, but I've never even been tempted to try any of these currently oh-so-fashionable "dinner kits". They've always struck me as being for people who don't know how to cook and don't know how to shop; people who don't have a spice rack and whose pantry and refrigerator are fairly barren.

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