Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Don't Talk to the Police

I've posted this bit of advice a few time over the years.  Still the best advice ever.


MAX Redline said...

Fast talker, but good advice.

Chris in NC said...

My wife is an immigrant from the Philippines. One day I sat her down in front of this video to make sure she understood that under no uncertain terms was she ever to talk to the police without calling a lawyer first. Ever. Period. This video is great

Murphy(AZ) said...

In most jurisdictions, you are required by law to identify yourself. In some it is a felony if you do not. Then calmly and politely say "Lawyer." I don't care who you are, what you do, who you know, I don't care if you are as innocent as the Second Coming: "Lawyer."

The job of the police officer and investigator is to get enough "evidence" to get an indictment. They work at it all day, every day. They are The Pros; you are the Little League rookie.


Sit down.

Shut up.

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