Thursday, May 24, 2018

In Lieu of Mass Executions

Gut hating
Rotting AF1 

When I downloaded the video used in the last post to drive "F," Win 10 put all of Drive F's files into a newly created Drive G, leaving the video as the sole occupant in Drive F.   This of course meant that all reference to programs in the Old Drive F are kaput.  Segue to this via my morning mail.

About to install the Windows 10 April 2018 Update? You might want to wait a little bit longer

Apps fingered in vanishing desktop snafu

 staffer looks on in horror as update takes effect
Updated The troubled Windows 10 April 2018 update is facing another issue, with some users losing access to their desktop after installing the new code.
The problem, which first appeared in a posting on a Microsoft support forum on 14 May, has gained a bit of traction over the last two days with users taking to social media as they go through the three stages of installing this update: frustration, fury and despair.
The affected users report that after accepting the request to "restart and install" Windows 10 and waiting the requisite hour or so for the update do its stuff, users can find themselves staring at a blank desktop with no icons. An alarming message stating that the Desktop file could not be accessed is then shown.
The error suggests that something fishy has happened at a system file level.

Too much hate not good for my soul.  I've been compensating by watching all the Top Gear reruns [AMAZON].  Seriously; I sleep like a baby every night after falling asleep during ... . [TIP: S11 E5 is the quintessential Top Gear episode because it offers a bit of everything including Liberal bashing].


Gregory said...

I don't understand the meaning of your titles--"In leus of mass executions"....

Cuzzin Rick said...

Just going to recommend this one more time...... get yourself a top of the line Chromebook. All you troubles will go away!

Jason in KT said...

Never had that problem with Ubuntu.

Gregory said...

'da fu*k are you people talking about? Make your own computer. Then you'll have something. By the bye, chrome books is what high school kids use---even in the special ed classes.

Ralph Gizzip said...

Downloaded and run Linux MINT 18.3 and the only time I fuck with Windows is @ work and that's Windows 7.
BTW, you can get MINT in 64 bit architecture.

Anonymous said...

Roger, I warned you about Windows X.

But for a humorous interlude swing over to Maggie's Farm for a clever take on Obama's deal with Netflix.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

It shoud hVW BEEN "lieu" Gregory sORRY

Rodger the Real King of France said...

JLW III ...,

jlw gave me a win7 mACHINE, BUT I've been too useless to get it up. Same thing my wife says too.

Anonymous said...

Windows 10 April update wiped out all my files. Not good.

Eskyman said...

This is exactly why I stuck with Windows 7, though I did try Win10 on an old laptop.

That laptop is now useless: after installing Win10 easily, after an update it wanted me to login with my password. The only problem there is that I've never used a password on that laptop. I couldn't get around that, though I tried a lot of different ways. Finally I reinstalled Windows 7, but didn't realize that all my drivers would be gone. Now none of my USB ports work and there are other problems too.

HP is well matched with Windows 10, as they refuse to provide drivers or help for old laptops. It's a match made in Hell, and I've no doubt Obama was there helping the deal go down! (OK, that's a joke. I doubt that he or Michael were actually there at all, though that's where they are going.)

Windows 10 is great at converting a usable computer into an unworking pile of components; other than that, it's crap!

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