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The story begins in June of 1788.

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Every mass shooting, like the most recent at Santa Fe High School in Texas that left 10 people dead, reignites a passionate debate over the Second Amendment. For many Americans, if there is an image that comes to mind when they think about that amendment, it is the musket in the hands of minutemen at Lexington and Concord.

A dramatic but little-known story reveals that a more accurate image may be the musket in the hands of slave owners. It explains why, when he entered Congress and wrote a Bill of Rights, James Madison included a right to bear arms, and why it included the clause “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State …”

The story begins in June of 1788. Virginia was holding a convention in Richmond to decide whether to ratify the Constitution the founders had drafted in Independence Hall the previous year. Eight states out of the nine necessary to adopt the Constitution had already ratified, but Rhode Island, North Carolina, New Hampshire and New York looked unlikely to ratify. All hope for the ninth hung on Virginia.

The Virginia convention featured a dramatic debate between federalists, who favored ratification, and antifederalists, who opposed it. The debate pitted James Madison, a federalist and the principal drafter of the Constitution, against George Mason, the intellectual leader of the antifederalists, and Patrick Henry, Virginia’s governor and a renowned orator.

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Unknown said...

"A dramatic but little-known story reveals that a more accurate image may be the musket in the hands of slave owners."

So where is this "dramatic but little-known story", and what's the point? Is this another effort in the current campaign by anti-Constitutionalists to undermine the Second Amendment by painting it as rooted in racism?

Eskyman said...

So far I'm not buying it.

This sounds conveniently like a made-up story to discredit gun ownership & the 2nd Amendment, like the thousands of made-up stories the #FakeMedia subjects us to every year in pursuit of their #narrative that guns are bad.

g said...

I want my money back.
Who are these crazy bastards?

Cheezy said...

The 2nd is rooted in the knowledge of how easily man becomes tyrannical when no real opposition to that tyranny is present. Armed opposition is something cowardly megalomaniacs tend to avoid.
In fact, gun control actually does have it's roots in racism, so this is (ho-hum) simply more leftist projection/distortion:

Drew458 said...

Gun control is Black control. Always was, always will be. When you hear some politician sound off about "all those illegal guns" guess who owns them? You know it, Black folks. Probably 9 out of 10 aren't criminals in the strictest sense, but you better believe there isn't a Black household in the country that doesn't have at least a couple of firearms. And I say, good for them.

Remember that crazy guy, the abolitionist John Brown? His famous raid was done to steal guns to arm up the black slaves and lead a rebellion.

So I don't know where this fanciful tale is going, but the story of ole massa with a musket is kind of WHY we have the 2A in the first place.

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