Saturday, June 02, 2018

George Carlin on The Jimmy Dean Show

I used to love Jimmy Dean


Skoonj said...

Jimmy Dean had a terrific show, and wasn't restricted to CW. You can still see the show. Today on RFD TV (476 on Prism/Century Link) at 2pm Pacific, guests are Joanie Sommers, Jerry Vale, Leroy Van Dyke, Cliff Arquette, and Joe Maphis. It was originally broadcast December 10, 1965. Very good production values.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Whoa... thanks. I was a regular RFD fan, but my cable dropped it. Will look again. And you’re rifgt about DEan; another was Roy Clark.

Skoonj said...

There was a network next door to RFD called RLTV, Real Life TV. At the start of the year it completely disappeared from all cable, instead going to subscribership. Two of the shows I liked were Cooking With Florence Henderson, and A Taste of History with Chef Walter Staib. Florence Henderson died unexpectedly in surgery, so the show should have been replaced soon. Reruns with her friends making dishes was the main thrust.

Chef Staib's A Taste of History is still around, just not where I can see it. He made historic dishes from the days of the Revolution, in a big open oven. The recipes were supplied by cooks of that era, including The Washingtons and their chef and slave Hercules (who escaped and was later emancipated), The Jeffersons, Franklin, and many more people of that era. I could get the videos but haven't done it.

Juice said...

A young George Carlin on The Jimmy Dean Show, just great, and at a time when humor could be funny and no one needed cry room protection from the jokes. Gots to laugh.

Unknown said...

That was obviously before George let his anger and his hostility toward religion and religious people overcome him. He was a comedic genius, but a very angry man.

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