Friday, June 29, 2018

How unhinged are the left?

Ex-presidents are supposed to gently retire. Make a life of lucrative speeches, or stay home and paint. But for nearly 40 years, Jimmy Carter has refused to fade away. At 93, he still spends most weekends in his hometown, preaching wise and powerful sermons. Sermons that speak to our current national crisis. That make us realize: We need Mr. Jimmy now more than ever. [I am not making this up]


MAX Redline said...

Jimmuh was just back in Portland this week, visiting the Columbia River Gorge.

rickn8or said...

Did ya ever notice it's the Dem ex-Presidents that can't STFU?

MMinWA said...

I sure remember his time in office-until Obama, the worst in my lifetime. Could not stand his bullshit and arrogance. I got half way though that story and wondered why the easy feeling take and saw it was a GQ story.

His infatuation with the murderous Palis is disgusting, I've read a lot of his "7 or 8 million" ain't from writing his crappy books.

If he's happy, fine with me.

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