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What part of "Illegal" is a mystery?


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In March of 1993, The United States Supreme Court issued a ruling in Flores vs Reno. (Yes, Janet Reno, Bill Clinton’s first Attorney General who ordered that young Elian Gonzalez be torn from his parents arms while hiding in a Miami closet. You might remember the iconic photograph.)

The Court decided that minors could not be incarcerated with the adults accompanying them across the United States border illegally. The decision was the result of a long dispute in how to best care for these children while the adults were detained for criminal proceedings.  You see, when aliens cross the border illegally, they are normally incarcerated until their criminal case is decided.

The understandable argument at the time was why should children be incarcerated while their parents are in jail. It seemed a fundamental violation of international human rights. Makes sense, right?  As a result, The Flores case drew a line in the sand. Children could not be incarcerated with their parents or accompanying adult while being held for illegal immigration violations. And a subsequent 1997 agreement stipulated that children must be placed in a safer environment where they could enjoy certain privileges, including education, a clean, safe environment and other normal life cycle amenities that incarcerated individuals do not enjoy.

It was considered a victory for human rights. By separating adult and child, we protected the children, reducing any harm done to them for their parents or accompanying adult’s decisions.  

A lot has happened since then. However; bottom line, these juvenile, shelters have been operating in accordance with the law, and overseen by the Department of Health and Human Services to protect those children from the hazards of parental incarceration since 1997.

So, since Donald Trump was running his real estate empire, selling wine and casinos in 1993, we are left to determine just how he managed to orchestrate this cruel separation of immigrant parent and child 25 years BEFORE he was President of the United States. The obvious answer is, he didn’t. He had nothing to do with establishing this United States immigration policy. Today, he simply enforces it.  

This one story illustrates how important it is for us to do our research regarding today’s headlines.  The Media either refuses to do the research, is incapable of doing the research or has done the research and decided to lie to you about its findings. Either way, this would make the Media lazy, incompetent or just plain deceptive.  Liars, if you will.

Educating Liberals (via Guy Ellis Sr.)


June 20, 2018, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning today issued the following statement praising President Donald Trump and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for enforcing federal immigration laws as they were written, even if immigrant adults enter the country illegally with minors:

“It’s ironic that we have a President who is standing up for Congress’ Article I lawmaking power and we have members of Congress saying not to enforce the laws Congress wrote. President Trump is being attacked for following the law that Congress wrote and courts have applied. The brazen hypocrisy of Chuck Schumer and his band of Democrats is breathtaking.  There is an obvious, available legislative pathway to fixing the legal loopholes that created this issue, yet based upon press reports, Schumer and the Democrats would rather have victims than do their jobs and legislate a solution.  Executive action is no substitute for Congress exerting its Article I authority and fixing the law, as it can be overturned both by the federal court and by a future President.  If Schumer is serious, he will announce his full-throated support for the Cruz bill, and the issue will be over before the week is out. 

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1. Nice catch Guy

2. Re Educating Liberal:  absurdity



Anonymous said...

The children are safe , protected and very well fed.

Off topic I need to be able to copy that Lib Ed 101 pic.


Anonymous said...

To be accurate, it was not his "parents'" arms. His mother was dead and his father was in Cuba. It was extended family relatives.

No need to engage in Fake News.

Bobby Ar (in Miami)

Skoonj said...

Know why there are so many unaccompanied children crossing the border with Mexico? Think to what has been going on for decades in rural Thailand and the Philippines. Criminal gangs buy children from poor parents, promising them they will give the children good jobs. Actually the children are forced into slavery and prostitution. Yes, the parents know, but they are so poor they take the money for a child.

In Central America and Mexico, gangs are doing the same thing. They buy children and bring them to the American border, and the children can get sold a couple of more times before they reach their destination. Then they become slaves and prostitutes. Their parents know what's going on, but they can't afford not to take the money. Meanwhile the Democrats are supporting slavery, just like they did in the 1860s.

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