Friday, July 20, 2018

Democrats - A Clear and Present Danger

Limbaugh: Dems Using Russia 
Meddling ‘to Eventually Get Rid of elections’

"The other possibility is that if the Democrats won the election, that’s going to be, yet there won’t be any talk of the Russians meddling or colluding whatsoever. We won’t even hear a word about it. But when they lose, when they lose it, can’t be because they’ve been rejected by voters. There has to be some nefarious reason. There has to be tampering , there has to be meddling, there has to be collusion. In the process they have done a great job of making so many millions of Americans question the integrity of elections now.”

... After using climate change as an example of Democrats group think, Limbaugh continued, “They believe all this garbage, so look how easy it’s going to be, probably on the way, to making them think that every election that matters is somehow tainted. They actually got started with this in 2000, Florida recount, Bush versus Gore. I believe this all has a very long-term purpose and that is to eventually get rid of elections. You can snicker and you can smirk and you can say ‘Come on Rush, you say things like that, it makes it really hard for us to support you,’ Well I am, maybe so, but I’m telling you, don’t laugh and be very careful in criticizing me because I am here to tell you that if they could, they would. Elections are the only thing standing in the way to what is considered to be a birthright entitlement and that’s power.”

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